Ujamaa: Evolution of Culture

has been created to ignite a cultural change by implementing developmental programming through community partnerships.

By bring together like minded creators and advocates willing to do what they do best to enrich our culture will result in an undeniable forward movement. Ujamaa the fourth principal of Kwanzaa meaning cooperative economics is the essence of our company. U.E.C will be an oasis of forward thinkers, trailblazers, and billion dollar ideas.

U.E.C creates a safe space for business owners to make significant connections with venture capitalist, partners and clientele through networking showcases, seminars and workshops. Mentorship programming creating opportunity for relationships with experienced mentors and investors to flourish.

UEC creates incubators for young entrepreneurs. Through internships and mentor partnerships nurtured by the same businesses that have used UEC's services. Youth 8-18 who have the entrepreneurial drive will have the supportive programming needed to thrive.

UEC's housing assistance and placement programming has created a hub of information and resources that are rooted in partnerships with local advocates, treatment facilities, therapists, social workers and housing providers.

U.E.C also advocates for health and wellness in our communities. Fighting against nutritional disparities in low income communities, drug addiction such as opioid abuse, and advocacy for mental awareness. UEC is doing its part to bring light to some plaguing issues in underrepresented communities

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