MMC structure

MasterMind Coalition is a collective of underrepresented entrepreneurs with a fortitude to move community forward through cooperative economics. U.E.C will provide space for these individuals four times a month (approximately once a week) to brainstorm, study and collaborate on ideas of innovation. Each hour and a half to two hour session will have a different subject covering topics such as marketing and branding, business financing, to self care for an entrepreneur. Each subscriber to the coalition will be asked to provide their weaknesses as subject points to ensure growth for each entrepreneurs involved. This request will help change the entrepreneur’s relationship with their weaknesses by highlighting them as learning tools and not points of failure. 

Being a participant and subscriber of this group and monthly business note will help provide a platform to showcase each subscriber’s business. This is created by collecting a monthly fee that will be pooled together to be reinvested back into one of the subscribers. There will be a three month cycle where fees will be collected monthly at the end of that cycle the chosen entrepreneur will have to host an event specific to their company. The fees collected will help them pay for the expenses of the event. Each subscriber will be chosen from a list that was created from a random drawing. Each subscriber will have an opportunity to be the recipient of the pooled funds. By encouraging the idea of cooperative economics this begins to influence sustainable financial abundance in communities that lack representation on the state and federal level.

MMC is an incubator for entrepreneurial leadership and partnerships that can aid in the growth of ones community.

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