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Ujamaa: Evolution of Culture


Ujamaa: Evolution of Culture has been created to ignite a cultural change by implementing developmental programing through community partnerships. Bring together like minded creators and advocates willing to do what they do best to enrich our culture will result in an undeniable forward movement.

U.E.C yields to growing epidemics that plague many underrepresented communities such as housing and financial disparities. We do this by creating programming and partnerships that are geared toward uplifting those that are over looked and giving them a opportunity to better their own situations. Entrepreneurial programming that teach skills need to create and sustain a business. To housing assistance programs that aid in placement.

U.E.C founders and board members believe that LOVE LEADS: The life of a community is rooted in the hearts of its people!

  • Twin Cities

  • u.e.culture77@gmail.com

  • @ujamaaevolutionofculture