Evolution of Culture

Evolution of culture through cooperative economics...

Ujamaa: Evolution of Culture has been created to ignite a cultural change by implementing developmental programing through community partnerships. Bring together like minded creators and advocates willing to do what they do best to enrich our culture will result in an undeniable forward movement.

U.E.C aims to create

Educational and promotional platforms for the underrepresented entrepreneur

Building Partnerships

U.E.C will be an oasis of forward thinkers, trailblazers, and million dollar ideas.

Housing programs geared toward combating the growing homelessness epidemic.

Youth programmimg geared toward breaking generational lack by teaching entrepreneurial skills


The life of a community is rooted in the hearts of its people

Innovating the Revolution

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Pushing abundance through community partnership


  • Twin Cities

  • u.e.culture77@gmail.com

  • @ujamaaevolutionofculture